Lavelle Blanc Wood Trim Settee

There are a lot of terms used when referring to a sofa like couch, davenport, divan, lounge?  If you are really hoping to turn heads though you will want a Lavelle Blanc Wood Trim Settee.  No matter what name you choose to call it by,  your furniture is a very important part of your living room.  When I say this, I do not just mean in terms of design.  This piece also is a place where many will spend most of their time in the living room so comfort is also very important.  Many in america even spend nights sleeping on their couch.  Certainly you have spent hours sitting on it watching television.  If your couch is not comfortable enough, you would not have been able to do that.  It is not just the comfort of the couch that matters, but also durability, style, and even design.  So a new settee is not just any furniture, it is an essential piece that completes your house. With so much on the line I ended up buying a Lavelle Blanc Wood Trim Settee.  I bought the item almost 2 months back and I must say, it has impressed me and my neighbors.  Compared to my previous couch, this one helps to turn my living room into a 5 star lounge.

The Lavelle Blanc Wood Trim Settee comes from Aico Furniture.  Aico has brought the influence of French taste to their furniture in a marvelous manner. This product is not just classy in terms of looks, but also comfort and design.  The Lavelle Blanc Wood Trim Settee simply is a masterpiece. As I am writing this review, I am looking at it from my table and taking pride on making one of the best decisions of my life.

Lavelle Blanc Wood Trim Sette

Let me give you some highlights about the furniture.  It has a regal French look.  The pieces are scallop shaped and placed with amazing craftsmanship throughout the piece.  There is a chic twist on the item.  This gives you a hip yet classy feel at the same time.  I have never in my life had as much love for a couch as I do my Lavelle Blanc.  The product has an overall white finish which makes it simply gorgeous to look at.  There are a number of magnificently crafted traditional carvings in the wood trim.  Even the wood trim on the bottom of the couch is expertly designed.  Each and every feature of the product only helps highlight other features further.  This piece is guaranteed to add a few extra degrees of aesthetic pleasure to any room.  The Lavelle Blanc Wood Trim Settee weighs only 122 pounds. This means it weighs less than an average couch at a department store.  It’s light weight does not mean that it is any less durable than competing couches.  Rather, the lightness allows it to be moved with relative ease.  Me and my roommate often move it to different places just to give the living room a different look.

Now I am going to talk about the best feature.  The last couch I had cost me around $2300.  That is pretty usual for a classy couch.  This item is only $1959.00 on  The price is even cheaper than many standard couches in a department store.  So go place your order now!

French Provincial Carved Wood Trim

The world today is rushing forward at lightning speed.  Everything is moving fast in technological advancement   Today’s world craves for new things.  But even a midst all the change, some people still manage to hold on small bits of the past.  It may be a collectible, it may be a book, it may even be a portrait.  The number of people that collect or preserve things are not as small as you might think.  Even I am a huge fan of some antiques.  Unlike collectors, I do not have a huge archive of things.  All I have is an antique cabinet.  It is a rare piece crafted back a century ago. Despite being a century old, it is a remarkable piece of wood trim.  But recently, the doors to the cabinet have begun to fade.  That got me really thinking.  I was not about to let such a marvelous piece go to waste.  That is why I decided to come up with a way to fix the doors.  Since the cabinet is wooden, I knew I am going to need top quality wood trim to get the doors fixed.  After searching for a few days, I finally found just the right thing that got me smiling again.  A 4 feet provincial carved wood trim has been the answer to my prayers.  My antique cabinet is back and better than ever.  Once I solved the problem with my cabinet, I used it on the door of my room as well.  Yes, it indeed is the best thing that I have managed to acquire over the last few years.

4' French Provincial Carved Wood Trim - Birch

Are you having a hard time believing a piece of wood trim could be this good?  You better believe it.  Let me explain it for you further.  The most important part for wood trim are the corners.  There are many type of wood trims in the market today.  You can go ahead and try out a few but the best approach to any project has and always will be research.  After a while other wood trims will start to come off or fall apart at the corners.  Therefore, you will simply be flushing not only hard earned money down the drain but time as well.  This provincial carved wood trim, contrary to other trims, has very solid corners.  The corners have a 2 inch radius.  Those are cut at 39 degrees and provide strong durability.  Besides, you can add inside corners that are pre-mitered.  Those need to be purchased separably though.  This provincial wood trim is only 11 ounces in weight. Therefore, you will have absolutely no problem adjusting it wherever you want to install it. It’s light weight allows the product to be used for flush doors and walls while giving them a classy look.

I have talked highly about the features so far, so you probably are getting concerned about the price.  That is the best part of the product.  All you have to do is hop online and visit  You can find it only for $7.29 there.

Aico Cortina Wood Trim Camelback Sofa

My cousin asked me when I got the new sofa the other day.  My beautiful new Aico Cortina Wood Trim Camelback has began to catch the attention of every visitor that has come to my house.  Those who have sat on it have been totally amazed.  Not only is it an eye catcher, it provides absolute comfort to anyone sitting on it.  I have been so content after using it for the last one week that I have decided to buy another one for office upstairs.  The Aico Cortina wood trim camelback sofa is a perfect addition to nearly any room.

Allow me to take you a little back in time.  A few weeks ago, I was having major trouble with my former sofa.  One of the legs broke as the sofa was quite old.  I was in need of a new sofa so I visited a few furniture stores.  None of the models were able to impress me enough.  I decided to look for some sofas online and broaden my research a little.  That is when the Aico Cortina wood trim sofa caught my eyes.  The moment I saw this product, I knew I am going to buy it.  I couldn’t resist the beautiful pictures and amazing descriptions.  This product is an absolute winner area of sofas.

The product dimensions are 89 in x 38 in x 43 inches.  This can be considered a tad small to some but it was perfect for me.  The weight is considerably lower compared to sofas.  At only 79 lbs. this sofa is very easy to move.  I do not want to call three or four people every time I have to move my sofa.  The Aico Cortina wood trim camelback sofa is perfect if you are someone that constantly finds themselves rearranging their living area.  I have been able to do it with just one other person helping me to lift and carry it.

Aico Cortina Wood Trim Camelback Sofa

In terms of performance, this item is fantastic.  The Aico Cortina wood trim camelback sofa has upholstered seats.  The seats are covered in faux silk and velvet.  Everyone loves the feel of faux silk now imagine sitting on it.  The cushions are also completely reversible.  Feather padding is used in the cushions.  The wood trim is constructed with birch veneers with a honey walnut color to it.  The wood trim is only found on the front curves and arched back of the sofa allowing for maximum comfort.  Almost every place that sells this sofa includes the 2 square corner pillows fringed, 2 square corner pillows corded, and 1 rectangular pillow with fringe free of charge.

A list of the most promising features of the product:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Heavy durability
  • Beautiful English design
  • Gorgeous carved wood trim
  • Available at authorized Aico dealers
  • Silk seats
  • Feather filled padded cushions

Are you worried about the price?  Well, if you don’t spend some extra money, you will not get the best.  At a furniture store, you will be able to get it for around $2253.99.  ON and other online retailers you can order the product for $1959.00 and save up to 13%.